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February 23, 2011

Magazines For Continental Knitting And Other Knitting Techniques

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The number of knitting magazines (about facts on knitting itself, techniques like continental knitting, magic loop, and other things) published in English is actually big, but if we also count the publication in other countrywide languages we’d be surprised to realize how many knitters there are worldwide. The more recent alternative of conventional paper magazines is the online electronic format or what is more exclusively called the e-magazine. If the number of readers is limited in the case of some magazines, the real chances for access is wider when it comes to those run online as they address the needs of the international community, and don’t target a certain geographical area.


Thus, there are many web pages dealing with knitting that contain links to knitting magazines of wide circulation, covering both the electronic and the paper format. The necessity for such publications is plain if we think that trends have to start somewhere as well as innovative ideas for more complex projects. Moreover, to some people, these magazines function as educational material, whether they learn to go from one knitting style to another or not. This is perhaps the reason why we even get to read all kinds of success stories with the cases of people who basically turned knitting in more than merely a hobby.


Plenty of contributions to magazines come from readers who get the chance to present one personal invention or another to other hobbyists, and the majority of the time the very management of the publication is made from people with a serious interest in this activity hobby field. Some knitters even collect magazines in personal so-called libraries with the favorite models or sources of inspiration to turn to when they wish to try something new or different. The magazines generally appear on an once a month basis and in a number of issues that’s surely inferior to that of fashion magazines, but this is understandable given the fact that they target a specialized readers’ category.


International magazines can be viewed in more languages of international circulation; French, Italian, English, German and Spanish are typically the common cases, but sometimes there are only multilingual sites with English and a nationwide language included. The type of articles to expect from these publications include free knit patterns explained, yarn info and tips, fashion collections, season trends, methods (like continental knitting, magic loop knitting, etc.) and more. Some supplies producers also use magazines as an advertising platform for their products, opening the door for nationwide and international users.

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