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February 1, 2011

The Reason Why You Need To Stop Smoking Cigarettes Today

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If you have been smoking for a while, then quitting the bad habit is something you should be doing. Stop making plans and promising you will quit the week after next, next Christmas or next spring! These are pretexts giving you self-delusion: you are either in denial, or you are not truly prepared to accept the full-implications of the unpleasant habit. The reality is that a few people are ignorant about the dangers of it as they do not know the right way to stop smoking cigarettes (or they just really don’t know), but there is a much bigger class that simply ignore these risks deliberately.


These people are young, still healthy and unmanageable, and smoking makes them feel a bit like they are mature and in control of their own lives. The mental aspect is that many rely on people around them : when everybody smokes, it is tough to keep on the side. Younger people customarily experience that issue, and the environmental pressure would show why youngsters primarily smoke. It starts like a big joke, and without knowing it, they become contingent on cigarettes.


There’s another class of heavy smokers, and these are folk who would make a case for their obsession either as a system of weight control, or as something that would calm their nerves and handle stress better. But the reality is that such reasons are wrong and synthetic. When you quit the habit, you may replace a hang-up with another. Therefore instead of smoking, you begin to eat more. There are methods to forestall this, though in the withdrawal period, food may help stop smoking without turning into dependence. As for relaxation, those cigarettes only bring short time of relief from stress. If you stop now, you will be forced to do a little more than just stress out!


Sloth is another factor to be considered. Without nicotine to offer you the impression of relaxation, you are going to need to try other systems, and these would take a little time and effort on your side. Stress control isn’t easy, nonetheless, it is completely realizable. Authentic relaxation can be done any time, any place, while you know how to do it.


As for the best reason to stop smoking cigarettes, here’s both a philosophic and existential reason. There’s no other moment than now. You see, living in the instant is the genuine challenge, and postponing such moment is sort of a way of exclaiming never, or you are not actually serious about quitting. This is the time to enjoy good health, and this is when you build up your own future, gaining some more years of life.

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