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July 16, 2010

Low Cost Auto Insurance: Tesco Car Insurance

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Tesco car Insurance is one of the leading names in Britain and, has made available a lot of finance and insurance related products, typically their automobile coverage program. Being somehow a low cost auto insurance company, an added benefit of Tesco vehicle insurance is their offering of a buyer loyalty program called the Tesco Clubcard. Such kind of advertising strategy wants to save Tesco car insurance members money on purchases at a range of businesses and stores, both online and offline.

For those people that already belong to the programme, Tesco gives a reduction on your auto insurance. As well as saving money with your Clubcard on future purchases, the Tesco vehicle insurance company will add points each time you make use of your clubcard. Whether you make a purchase at any member store, on the net, at Tesco gas or if you use your Tesco credit card. Effectively, the products you buy will boost up your points and offer deductions and vouchers good on purchases in the future.

The Clubcard will also allow you to apply the points toward your future policy to save even more cash. Tesco has many clubs in their network, like a baby and toddler club, greener living club, healthy living club, Christmas savers club, wine club and food club. Adding up to the myriad savings, Tesco auto insurance publishes a regular magazine with lots of discounts for members.

Spending your Tesco car insurance Clubcard points is just like spending cash. Every point has money value. For example, £2.50 in Clubcard Vouchers gives you £2.50 to spend in a store or on the Net. When you have accumulated 150 points, Tesco car insurance will send you an equivalent voucher in your statement. You are then able to spend your vouchers at any of the Tesco outlets in their network, which include cellphone shops, grocery and book stores, optometrists or for gift cards that you like.

The “loyalty programs” like this are not a concept, however, the Tesco auto insurance approach is a new solution on an old concept, as they have many retailers participating in their network as a low cost or affordable auto insurance company. This benefit here is a great economic advantage to the patron who would spend cash on products from many of those businesses anyway, except with a Clubcard, you can get a remission on the things you buy. 


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